Frequently Asked Questions

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Eazibill is currently the fastest growing multilevel telecom and online payment marketing platform in Ghana. Payouts are very quick and with no stress.


When you recharge you earn and equally get mouth watering discount on the online payment services.

- Airtime Recharge

- Data Subscriptions

- Water Bill Payment

- Electricity Bill Payment

- TV Cable Subscription

- And other utility bills depending on the location

Yes, and each person you refer attract a 20% bonus

To register, you simply contact an already existing user or join any of the company’s social media or communication services on the website to be put through on the process.

Simple, you pay in the amount you want to fund to the company’s bank account, then you request for the amount paid in through the “recharge wallet “ tab.


As a member: you either make payment via; Direct Payment to the Bank or using an Online gateway.

All payments are made directly to your local banks or member to member funding via wallet transfer.

Yes, provided they meet the company's terms.

Yes, but advisably under your sponsor account and with the same details but a different username..

Click on the forgot password link and you will receive a link to reset your password.

YES! We are very much registered.

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